What do you do if you want to be alerted for changes in a list?

Right. You set an alert. Or you can create a workflow with your SharePoint Designer. But there is a different way. With my "RH.ItemNotifier" Feature, you can configure alerts through the settings of a list.

So why would you use this solution to create alerts? Well, you don't :-)
I created this as a proof of concept with some functionality which might come handy sometimes:

* EventReceiver for lists/document libraries
* Send an Email through the SharePoint OM
* Deactivate a feature on all webs in your farm
* Build a custom aspx page in your layouts folder to handle the user configuration
More... http://www.hezser.de/blog/archive/2008/03/12/eventhandler-which-sends-an-email-for-newchanged-items.aspx

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